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Movement have expanded their range considerably from this season with the welcome edition of both the Pow Pow and Evariste Big Air.

Both skis are reviewed below to help you along with your big mountain and freestyle decisions.

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Movement Pow Pow

New out this season and with a limited edition model available from November the Movement Pow Pow is more than at home in deep snow. It's 92mm waist gives good float and maintains maneuverability.

At 193 you'd be forgiven for thinking it was long, however the running length is cut down by the twin tip design adding to it's versatility at lower speeds.

The PowPow is a welcome addition to the Movement range and is softer in all areas when compared to the Thunder.

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Movement Evariste Big Air

A very lively freestyle ski capable of punching you high off the ramp due to its carbon layer.

Slightly stiffer than the Joystick (Movement's rasta ski) it absorbs landings well for the heavier skier.

Coming in a length of 177 it remains versatile and handles well on those days when the park is too hard to hit is up.

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UK Distributor Dave Noble at Noble Custom

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