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Ok so the site's been feeling a little neglected lately and who can blame it, but when there's so much filming and photography to do these things take a bit of a back seat.

Apologies...but read on a be prepared to clickity click because, we think, that you will dig this.

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With the Thorburn sidelined with a sore hoof, the baton was passed firmly into the hands of the MacKay brothers as they prepared for an assault on the Europoean Alps.

Stacked up with new kit having just been signed up to Columbia, the boys headed to Courchevel for the Columbia Ride Week. This involves sponsored teams who are invited to film and produce a short ski flick before going head to head with the other teams at a premier on the Friday night.

The boys got a well deserved 4th and this is worth a look so click click click-a-roo.

As ever, thanks to Dave Noble of Noble Custom for his continued support with Movement Skis.

Seamouse gets rabies jab in hoop-sting shocker.

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