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Back Country Access pride themselves on their equipments ease of use and now in their 10th season have developed products that combine strength and simplicity.

What this amounts to is range that compliments itself as integrated safety equipment that could save either your or your mates life.

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BCA Tracker DTS

In celebration of the 10th anniversary, BCA decided to make the Tracker easier to use.

They have made the strap more user friendly and secure, locking the Tracker DTS to your body.

Transmitting at the world recognised frequency of 457kHz it remains compatible with any other.

With a long battery life it is the only as good as the user, so get some practice and be supprised by its ease of use.

Full specification       UK contact

BCA Tourô Shovel System

This shovel is solid.

Now that you have absorbed that I'll tell you why that's good. Made of metal makes the Traverse extendable shovel (62.2-87.6cms) strong enough to hack through snow, hardened by avalanche motion.

It also has the Companion Probe craftily packed into the shaft making it the worlds lightest shovel/probe combo possible at 644-775g.

The strength is the key though, especially when it really matters.

More info at       UK contact

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